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  • iRide Yachts & Marinas in St Maarten

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    Yachts & Marinas Harley tour in St Maarten  – St Martin tailored  in a special iRide.

    Are you a yacht spotter? St Maarten is the marina of the Caribbean. It is the place for Mega Yachts, Luxury Motor Yachts,  Sailing Yachts and Catamaran watching.

    What could be better than riding a Harley-Davidson and roaring next to those incredible floating castles.

    Yachts & Marinas in St Maarten, Simpson Bay lagoon ViewHarley iRide Yachts & Marinas in St MaartenHarley iRide Yachts & Marinas in St Maarten

    Harley iRide Yachts & Marinas  St Maarten tourHarley iRide Yachts & Marinas in St MaartenHarley iRide Yachts & Marinas in St Maarten

    Harley iRide Yachts & Marinas  St Maarten tourHarley iRide Yachts & Marinas in St MaartenHarley iRide Yachts & Marinas  St Maarten tour

    Harley iRide Yachts & Marinas  St Maarten tourHarley iRide Yachts & Marinas  St Maarten tour

    Special Harley Paradise

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    Special Ride + Special Bikes + St Maarten = Paradise Harley Ride.

    Check our Riders Log and read about their Experience, Riding a Harley in St Maarten / St Martin.

    Eco Ride St Martin

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    ecoride-6.jpg ecoride-9.jpg

    Sea Star in different forms, Sea Urchin and Shells caught and released by  Mr Urchin in Oyster Pond in French  St Martin  during  an Eco Harley Ride.

    RoadKing in Paradise

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    A St Maarten Tour on the legendary Harley-Davidson RoadKing makes you feel  really in Paradise.

    St Martin, Baie Lucas.St Maarten, Cay HillSt Maarten, Maho

    St Martin, Baie de Marigot. Harley tourSt Martin, Baie de Cul de Sac. Harley tourSt Maarten, Cay Hill, Harley Tour

    Beach Hop Harley Tour

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    1_of_37_beaches_04.jpg 1_of_37_beaches_02.jpg

    There are 37 beautiful beaches on the island of Sint Maarten/Saint Martin.


    Each one has it’s own beauty and charm that is perfect for whatever mood you are in for the day.

    1_of_37_beaches_03.jpg 1_of_37_beaches_18.jpg

    Alluring blue and turquoise from the western coast Caribbean Sea and rough and tumble east coast from the vast Atlantic Ocean .

    1_of_37_beaches_25.jpg 1_of_37_beaches_13.jpg


    The beaches can be lively and vibrant with lot’s of activities such as jet skiing, para sailing, banana boating, swimming and snorkeling.

    1_of_37_beaches_20.jpg 1_of_37_beaches_06.JPG

    Or more natural, secluded and wild environment with places to explore the coastal wild life and plants.

    1_of_37_beaches_23.jpg 1_of_37_beaches_26.JPG

    But if it’s just a relaxing swim in the warm Caribbean Sea with gentle rolling waves and lounging around on the beach, we have them too.



    Sun Sea & Sand

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    To enjoy the Caribbean sun, the turquoise sea and the white sandy beaches nothing can beat the experience of riding a Harley-Davidson around  Sint Maarten / Saint Martin.

    Repeat iRide

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    Grand Case bayMarigotFort Louis Marina



    Once you enjoyed the scenery of St Maarten / St Martin with the  roaring sound of your Harley ringing in your ears, you will be eager to ride with us again.

    Custom Bike Ride

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    Custom bikesspcride02.JPG


    Custom bikes ridespcride04.JPG

    For an additional fee with any of our Themed Rides you can enjoy the roar of one of these super machines specially customized 2009 H-D bikes.

    End of the Year Rides

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    What a nice way to end the year with a ride in paradise. The legendary Harley-Davidson roaring in your ears, a million shade of green and blue filling your eyes with the Caribbean wind playing in your hair.

    Kim Sha Beach stopLanding at Princess Juliana AirportMarigot, Marina St Louis stop

    Marigot bay, anchored boatsCruise ship in Marigot Bay, St MartinMarina St Louis, St Martin

    Le Gallion bay stopSimpson Bay Lagoon view stopIndigo Bay view

    Lindy view

    Sint Maarten Day Ride

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    Call it Sint Maarten or Saint Martin, st marteen, st martine, st martenn, st marttin, st marten, st maartin or any other way you like it will always be The Friendly Island with a unique scenery in the Caribbean.

    hdsxmd-02.JPG hdsxmd-05.JPG hdsxmd-17.JPG

    hdsxmd-10.JPG hdsxmd-14.JPG hdsxmd-12.JPG

    Happy St Maarten Day ride!