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    Hidden beaches and secret locations – if this is what you would like then this is the ride for you. Both the French and Dutch governments are actively conserving and maintaining certain areas of the island with specific environmental interests. These areas include both land and marine environments from the old natural salt lakes to coastal coral reefs and the last remaining tropical forest area which house’s monkeys, raccoons, iguanas and many more indigenous species.

    Lunch is at a popular Rastafarian Ital restaurant which serves a balanced, healthy meal made with organic, locally grown vegetables (cultivated by ‘Bushman’ the owner of the restaurant and a local musical celebrity) served with home made Caribbean fresh fruit juices of the season.

    Avoid the main stream tourist crowds and explore the more unusual and interesting sites of St Maarten / St Martin that are off the beaten track.

    A choice of the latest 2013-14 models of the legendary Harley Davidson motorcycles.

    Total Price $500 USD: 1 rider
    Reservation 50%


    Total Price $550 USD: 1 rider / 1 passenger
    Reservation 50%


    (50% of the fee on reservation and the balance on the day of the ride)