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    Various Tours & Rides around SXM

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    The Best way to tour St Maarten St Martin is on a Harley-Davidson!

    Iron Torch Ride Cruise Tour

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    iRide Harley Guided Tour

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    Harley roar in your ears, Caribbean wind in your hair, blue turquoise sea to view, that’s the best way to enjoy St Maarten St Martin day excursion.

    iRide Harley Guided TouriRide Harley Guided TouriRide Harley Guided Tour\

    iRide Harley Guided TourIn shade under the Palm treesIn shade under the Palm trees

    Bikers Ride around St MaarteniRide Harley Guided TourOrient Bay St Martin

    iRide Harley Guided TourBikers Ride around St MaartenBikers Ride around St Maarten

    Bikers Ride around St Maarten

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    A great day in Paradise. Riding around St Maarten St Martin on a Harley Davidson.

    bikers-ride-0001.jpgMarigot BaySimspon Bay

    Great BayIndigo BayGreen Cay

    St Martin Bikers RideHarleys,Marinas & YachtsIn shade under the Palm trees

    Private Deluxe Paradise Tour

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     A private iRide on a Softail Deluxe Harley Davidson Motorcycle touring our Little island with two nations ( St Maarten St Martin).

    That’s what we call Paradise.




    iRide SXM Motorcycle Tour

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    Special private H-D motorcycle tour of the best of St Maarten St Martin beach views.

    Baie Lucasharley-sxm-beach-views-02.jpgharley-sxm-beach-views-01.jpg



    A little stop to admire the blue turquoise  sea with St Barths on the horizon.

    St Barths in the distanceharley-sxm-beach-views-19.jpgharley-sxm-beach-views-18.jpg



    Antiki, docked at St Marten Yacht Club, the raft made of plastic pipes that crossed the atlantic with for passengers on board.


    harley-sxm-beach-views-11.jpgCruise Ship in Great bayharley-sxm-beach-views-16.jpg


    The biggest Private MegaYacht anchored in Simpson bay.




    Regatta & Harley Tour

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    Regatta time is always a good time to have a tour of St Maaten, St Martin on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle enjoying the view.

    Regatta in Great Bayharley-regatta-37.jpgharley-regatta-38.jpg



    harley-regatta-035.jpgharley-regatta-024.jpgA refreshing swim on the way

    Anguilla Channel RaceBlue Blue & Blueharley-regatta-44.jpg

    A stop at Maho beach  to watch the astounding plane landings at Princess Juliana Airport.

    Princess Juliana Airportharley-regatta-002.jpgharley-regatta-004.jpg

    2nd Annual Sxm Bike Fest

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    The 2nd Annual Sxm Bike Fest 11th-14th of Nov.

    More than a hundred bikers  from more than 10 countries!!!

    4 Days of  unforgetfull times of rides,  fun, and friendship   in St Maarten and Anguilla.

    Caribbean Eagles Home, Waiting for startup_dsc0330.JPG_dsc0312.JPG


    Photos by Bruno Therond

    iRide Yachts & Marinas in St Maarten

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    Yachts & Marinas Harley tour in St Maarten  – St Martin tailored  in a special iRide.

    Are you a yacht spotter? St Maarten is the marina of the Caribbean. It is the place for Mega Yachts, Luxury Motor Yachts,  Sailing Yachts and Catamaran watching.

    What could be better than riding a Harley-Davidson and roaring next to those incredible floating castles.

    Yachts & Marinas in St Maarten, Simpson Bay lagoon ViewHarley iRide Yachts & Marinas in St MaartenHarley iRide Yachts & Marinas in St Maarten

    Harley iRide Yachts & Marinas  St Maarten tourHarley iRide Yachts & Marinas in St MaartenHarley iRide Yachts & Marinas in St Maarten

    Harley iRide Yachts & Marinas  St Maarten tourHarley iRide Yachts & Marinas in St MaartenHarley iRide Yachts & Marinas  St Maarten tour

    Harley iRide Yachts & Marinas  St Maarten tourHarley iRide Yachts & Marinas  St Maarten tour

    Eco Ride St Martin

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    ecoride-6.jpg ecoride-9.jpg

    Sea Star in different forms, Sea Urchin and Shells caught and released by  Mr Urchin in Oyster Pond in French  St Martin  during  an Eco Harley Ride.